Monday, March 6, 2017

How to Remove from Your Computer

How to get rid of from my computer? The malware hijacked my default search engine and homepage. I can’t remove it from my browser although I have typed another web address into the address bar. I checked my installed extensions and add-ons. I didn’t find any suspicious one. What should I do? I am automatically redirected to its website every time I open the browser. It is so annoying. Please help!

What is is a fake search engine that gets installed on computer mainly bundled with freeware you download from the Internet. As a matter of fact, it is classified as a browser hijacker that mainly created to hijack users’ default search engine and homepage without any permission. Stubborn browser hijacker is capable of infecting most popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Once infected, it will change your search engine, homepage and new tab to its website link

However, is not friendly as you thought. If you type a search term and press Enter, you will be immediately redirected to Actually, doesn’t perform the function of a search engine. That’s why is regarded as a fake search engine. Its extension also has less effect in improving browsing experience. Once installed, it will begin to make modifications to your browser settings including start page, homepage and default browser. Every new tab will be opened with rather than a blank page, which means you will be caught in a vicious circle after you enter the browser. Although you use another browser, the same problem still occurs because it has been injected to registry files. Hence, you should remove as soon as possible.

Is Harmful?
The ill-effects of is mainly evident in users’ browsing experience.

Occupy default search engine, homepage and new tab.
Redirect you to unknown websites or web page without your permission.
Keep track of your browsing history and collect personal information including not only games you play but also confidential data like password.
PC will run slower than before even get stuck although you don’t do anything.
Bring unwanted extensions, plug-ins and toolbar to the system.
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How Does Come to Your Computer?
Just like most malware, browser hijackers come into the target computer mainly through the following ways. Therefore, you should be extremely careful when browsing the web.

Freeware and shareware: It may be bundled with freeware or shareware that you download from Internet.
Strange spam email or attachment: It may slip into your computer when you open these strange emails or attachment.
Sponsored ads: When you are browsing websites, some ads will pops up in the screen. If you click them intentionally or unintentionally, may enter your computer.
Understanding these distribution method will help computer users to prevent But if your computer has gotten infected with the browser hijacker, you are advised to remove it as soon as possible under removal guides below.

How to Remove from Your Computer
Manual Removal Guide
Step 1 Remove from Browsers
Instruction for Internet Explorer
Instruction for Mozilla Firefox
Instruction for Google Chrome
Instruction for Safari
Instruction for Opera
Step 2 Reset Browsers (optional)
Step 3 Find and Delete Registry Entries
Automatic Removal Guide (Recommended)

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