Wednesday, March 15, 2017

What is [YOUR IP]

Brief details about [YOUR IP]
[YOUR IP] has been detected as an adware that delivers you misleading information to terrify the system users. It may appear on your favorite Internet browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. You should try to avoid these misleading messages. Many of the PC users thought that the webpages associated with it that receive huge amount of web traffic so it may be connected with a browser hijacker program. PC users that desire to avoid the intrusion of programs like hijackers can avoid by installing new software by using "Advance" or "Custom" of program installers. Bundling of the software are the main weapon of the attackers to deploy the infection of adware, hijackers and other riskware at a large scale.

What Kind of carried out by [YOUR IP] pop-ups
Many of the system users complained about this [YOUR IP] pop-up programs because they are frequently rerouted on customized webpages of itself from adware, ads and browser hijackers. You can see that the developers of this adware program uses public IP address of the PC users to create unique messages In these messages it may include informations about type of your browsers, Internet Service Providers, Windows versions and also about your specified location address. It is similar in designs like 'Google Rewards Center' Pop-Ups z and 'Membership Rewards' Pop-Ups.

PC users that are redirected on customized webpage of [YOUR IP] pop-ups reported that many of questions being asked about Google, Facebook, Microsoft like who founded these companies and what you know about the Twitter. Many of the system users respond their answers and complete the challenge. The attackers also give some rewards to the participants users about $100. Among these things the hackers tried to get your details of credit card numbers, phone number, your address, email address and many more details about you. You can look these things on the bottom of the page.

The attackers may use your information to make revenue
Webpages such as [YOUR IP] are lure the users to subscribe premium phone services and email services for lifetime. Furthermore the PC users that eager to install apps on their smartphones from the Google Play app store but they are just imitation. Security experts explains to the users about the threats like DKFBootKit and the other Android.Pjapps Trojans that are likely developed to run on Android platforms and promoted as a fake on app stores. You should try to eliminate the messages of this threat as it appear on your system. In a research it is registered with an IP address, which is connected with an adware on the Android OS and Windows OS. So you should try to remove [YOUR IP] from your PC.

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