Monday, March 13, 2017

What is - How to remove it?

Know More About is a dubious website which misrepresents Google Russia. This search domain is totally unrelated to the established search engine. The main objective of this rogue website is to exploit the Internet browser. Cyber hackers behind this web portal uses a hijacking program which penetrates into the victims machine and alters the default settings of your web browsers. It enables the con artists to manipulate the activities of the application to their convenience. The website is not a reliable search engine, because it shows unsolicited results that could redirect the users search queries to unsafe websites. Although, the same risks derives from the advertisements which the malicious program displays and also there is a chances of personal security risks.

What makes hijacker dangerous?
This rogue website can be harmful in several ways. First of all, the threat makes unauthorized changes onto the web browser's settings. Then after, the domain will be set as your default homepage and search engine. As a result, you will find that your custom preferences can not be reset. However, by using portal to conduct your web searches would be highly risky. The search results that it display contain sponsored content. It inserts the associated third party websites amid the regular that makes the tasks seamless. The purpose of this hijacker threat is to raise benefits for their creators.

Moreover, the owner of this browser hijacker virus uses the pay-per-click technique in order to accumulate the revenue. Every time, when the PC users get redirected to other domains, then a certain is added to the total commission. There are mainly two ways to take the users to sponsored domains and the direct advertising is a more effective method. Besides, displays ads and promoting bargain shopping deals. The advertising includes accessories, gardening equipment, furniture, clothes, sports gear, toys, technological devices, books, games, decorative elements and other items. The adverts flow will interrupt your online work and slows down your computer to a crawl. However, always keep in mind that the websites linked to this hijacker threat are also malicious.

How hijacker virus gets distributed?
The malware can enter your machine in various ways. The preferred spreading methods for this threat is bundling. It travels with freeware, shareware and corrupted copies of paid softwares. A rogue program can get installed together with your desired downloaded application. Although, virus will be added as an optional program of the download client as a bonus. Thus, you have to find where this option is listed and remove check mark from the box next to it. Always take your time to read the EULA (End User License Agreement) of the application which you intend to download. Furthermore, the other distribution method that the hijacker has adopted is junk email. The threat latches onto the attached file which uses as a backdoor to the PC. Therefore, should be removed from your system as soon as possible.

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