Friday, March 17, 2017

What is

Complete Details on is a nasty PC infection which belongs to the family of browser hijacker virus. Once it gets inside the targeted system, it changes the shortcuts of your web browser that that have installed onto your machine. As a result, whenever you try to open your browser and surf the Internet, then this web portal automatically opens without seeking for your approval. The threat does that just by pointing the web browser shortcuts to the batch files that are located in “%UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\Browsers\” folder. Besides, these batch files contain some obfuscated command which opens the specified Internet browser to the specific web page.

In this kind of situation, the browser will be forced to open domain automatically. It will then reroute to some another web portals or show intrusive advertisements onto your PC screen. Based on the research report, this hijacker virus redirect infected computer users to “” site and could also divert to other sites that are designed specifically by the con artists in order to display countless ads on your PC. However, the search provided by this domain doesn't allow the users to search video, images, eBooks, PDFs and sort results by size, type, colors and copyright. It is known to use the batch files and modify the command parameters and shortcuts for Internet browsers. If you are rerouted to, then you will find the following files on your system's drive:

How Hijacker Gets Installed on Your PC?
Usually, such type of hijacker infection gets installed onto the targeted machine with the help of some cost-free programs that you have recently downloaded into your system from the Internet. Although, it is very important for you to pay close attention to the installation screens and license agreements, while installing any kind of applications downloaded from the Internet. It is a good idea to choose Custom or Advanced installation procedure, because they will typically disclose what kind of other third party softwares will also be installed. In case, if you find hijacker installed on your PC, then you can use the best removal guide provided below in this article.

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