Friday, March 17, 2017

What is ComboSearch? - How to remove it?

If you are seeing pop-up ads or windows by ComboSearch then it is a clear indication that your System is infected with a Potentially Unwanted Program. It may looks like as a useful but when you use it, you have to suffer with lots of serious troubles. To uninstall it easily and completely, an effective removal solution is provided here. Keep reading this post completely and carry out the instructions as in exact order.

What is ComboSearch?

ComboSearch is actually a browser extension that is compatible with all web browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, IE, Microsoft Edge and even Safari. At the first sight, it looks like as a very useful and legitimate program. But malware researchers are classified it as a Potentially Unwanted Program because it is not as helpful or beneficial as you might believe to be at first. The sole intention behind the developer of this program is to generate traffic for the sponsored site so that they can easily earn money from you. To earn money, they will bombard you with thousand of irritating pop-up ads and links based on the pay per click scheme. Simple click on such an adverts will generate revenues for them.

Where does ComboSearch comes from?
ComboSearch is officially promoted at It usually travel along with freeware and shareware programs. When you download and install any cost-free applications such as images, videos, PDFs, databases, documents, excels then it secretly gets inside your PC. Beside this bundling method, it can also enters into your PC when you play online game, visit any hacked or suspicious sites, open any Spam emails, use any infected removable devices, P2P file sharing network etc. It always uses tricky way to spread over the PC but its main source is the Internet. Therefore, you need to be very attentive while surfing the web.

What are common symptoms of ComboSearch?
It will bombard you with thousand of annoying or irritating pop-up ads and links.
It highly consumes System resources or CPU usage and degrades overall performance speed.
ComboSearch can blocks you to access your favorite homepage and search engine.
It can automatically modifies your entire browser as well as System settings without any notification.
Replace your default search engine with unfamiliar ones and cause redirection issue.
Disables the functionality of firewall, System security tools and software.

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