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I think I got a malware on computer. No matter when I open my Chrome browser, I am automatically redirected to the annoying site My default homepage and search engine have been changed into How to get rid of the threat from the browser and restore the default settings? Any help?

Know about is a questionable website that can take over such web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari. Its homepage consists of the house logo, a search box and quick access to some sites including Gmail, Twitter, Amazon and so on. Although the website looks like clean and safe, you will feel it a headache to drive the fake search engine if you are possessed with the website.

The reason the website is called “fake search engine” is that it actually doesn’t perform the duties as a search engine. A good engine should filter search results and lead users to a number of authoritative sites. This fake search engine may provide you information that you don’t need. The search query you submitted will be redirected to three sites successively —,, and With the help of the fake search service, the website can collect users’ browsing history, online preference and personal information including account, password, IP address and so on. In fact, computer users are usually advised to clean your browsing data regularly. But choosing a trusted search engine and is more important no matter which web browser you use. A good search engine won’t violate your privacy rights. Compared with other authoritative search engines, it will provide you with some altered search results containing more sponsored links, pop-ups and codes in order to get revenue. Clicking these contents may bring your computer to a state of high danger. Hence, you’d better remove the browser hijacker if you detect it.

Symptoms of
It is not difficult to know whether your computer gets infected with the hijacker. For a better of understanding, you are suggested to refer to the following symptoms.

Change homepage or startup page: You will be redirected to the website automatically when you open a browser.

Take over new browsing tab: will pop up when you want to open a new tab.

Occupy search engine: When you search for what you want to look, search results are provided by the website rather than your wanted search engine or default search engine.

Set shortcuts: can be appended to shortcuts of your browsers on the start menu or desktop.

Where comes from?
Like, the browser hijacker is promoted via bundling method. The website can enter your computer as an additional component of a program. If you are a careful computer user, you will notice “bundling”, which can easily be found anywhere. It’s a bit like buying goods and getting “free gifts”. Some gifts make you happy, but other gifts are not what you want or useless after a period of time. What are bundled with free software may be not popular among users, To get revenue, designers reach an agreement with developers of freeware and use the bundling method to promote their goods. Who are fooled by the method are computer beginners or careless users. However, you can avoid this situation from happening completely. The following describes right and wrong behaviors when you are installing software.

Download software from trusted websites.

Download software from strange websites or links.

!Can’t sure whether the source are safe? You’d better run an antivirus program when you are downloading software.

Click real download button that is usually smaller and unnoticeable.

Click fake download button, which may lead to advertisements or downloaders/installers.

Always choose Custom/Advanced option (sometimes you need click drop-down arrow or plus/add button to read more)

Choose Complete/Standard option without knowing much more about the software

Read End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy carefully.

Ignore EULA and Click “Skip” button.

If you pay attention to your behavior you should be able to prevent the computer from the browser hijacker’ entry. However, there is always something that is out of manual control. If your computer has been infected with browser hijacker, don’t hesitate to remove the browser hijacker as soon as possible. Removal Guide
Manual Removal Guide
Step 1: Uninstall Unwanted Programs Related to
Step 2: Remove from browsers (IE/Firefox/Chrome/Opera/Safari)
Step 3: Delete from the Windows Registry
Automatic Removal Tool (Recommended)
Helpful Tips to Protect Your PC from Browser Hijacker

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