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Why Should You Need to Remove sets itself as my homepage without any permission. I notice this problem after I download and install a piece of free software on my PC. I have tried several ways to remove this unsolicited website from my web browser but not succeed. It seems that there is a certain file or something else that allows this website to keep poping up on my browser, but I don’t know where it is and how I can remove it. Please help!

Nowadays, browser hijackers are widely spread on the Internet and many users would get infected if they are not careful enough. If you find your homepage has been changed to an unfamiliar website without your knowledge, it means that you have a browser hijacker installed on your PC. is one of those browser hijackers that can automatically modify settings of your browser and set itself as your homepage. To completely remove this browser hijacker, you need to clean all its traces from your PC. If you have no ideas how to do that, the simplest way is to use a professional malware removal tool.

What Is

If you have used computer to surf the Internet for a long time, you should encounter the browser hijacking which is one of the constant problems that most computer users would experience. Browser hijacking is often caused by browser hijackers. is such a browser hijacker that can hijack your browser and cause some problems, both big and small, on your computer. Generally, your web browser’s settings will be modified. If you have more than one web browsers installed on your machine, it is possible that all of them will be infected by the browser hijacker.

You may not consider as a malware at first sight, since it looks like a normal website that provides search service and quick links to access various hot sites. But when you realize that this website takes place of your previous website without any permission, you will change your thought. You did not reset it as your homepage, and yet it appears on your web browser. You may have tried resetting the homepage back to your favorite one several times but not succeed. This is because that the browser hijacker will alter your browser’ shortcuts and make some changes to your registry settings, so that it can keep its own website popping up as your homepage or start page. This browser hijacker may also make modifications to your HOSTS file in your system. As a result of this, every time you type a website URL into the address bar and press Enter, you might be redirected to an unwanted website instead. Besides, this browser hijacker may add some URLs that point to dubious websties to your Favorites. If your computer is not well protected, visiting those websites will be dangerous that some malware programs could be automatically downloaded on your computer.

How Does Get into Your PC?

This browser hijacker can get into your computer in several ways. One of the most common ways is that it comes by bundling with third-party software. Nowadays, to make their own product free, many software developers promote other programs/toolbars/adware programs/browser hijackers by bundling them with their software. The creators of make a deal with some software developers and have this browser hijacker being spread widely. If you happen to download and install a piece of software bundling with this browser hijacker, you will probably install it on your PC. To avoid installing a browser hijacker or other potentially unwanted programs, please watch for additional programs that are being installed along with the desired software and always read carefully the disclaimers or agreements that appear during the install process – make sure you uncheck the unwanted programs or decline to install the software if you find the agreements weird or inacceptable. Other than coming with freesoftware, can also get into your PC through spam e-mail attachments. Cyber hackers can randomly send emails with infected attachments to thousands of computer users. If you are one of the recipients and open the attachments carelessly, some malicious codes will be automatically downloaded and the browser hijacker will be activated. Some malicious websites can also be used to distribute the browser hijacker. By using the means of drive-by download, cyber hacker can make the browser hijacker be downloaded on your machine immediately upon you visit the malicious websites. Another way is to use the suspicious or deceptive popup ads. You may receive a popup window pretending that your system is infected and recommending you to download a certain program to fix the problem. When you click and download the prompted program, you will get the browser hijacker downloaded instead.

Why Should You Need to Remove

When infected by a browser hijacker, you may experience the problems below:

Your browser’s settings and HOSTS file are changed without consent.
Your cannot reset your browser settings to its previous state; you are frequently redirected to
Websites that you don’t intend to visit.
Many pornography-related website URLs are added to your bookmark.
A lot of popup windows flood your browser, badly decreasing your surfing experience.
Your computer runs slower than before.
You may be unable to access certain websites or blocked to download some security tools.
Your web browser becomes unstable and crashes occasionally.
You may downloaded some malicious or potentially unwanted programs when you are redirected to some unknown websites.
Your personal information may be collected and shared with third parties.
Although may not cause all above problems to you, it is still suggested that you perform a quick removal of this browser hijacker. You know, preventing is always better than repairing. Anyway, it is not safe to keep a browser hijacker on your PC. To remove from your PC, a good solution is to use a professional malware removal tool.

How to Remove from Your PC? is not hard to remove if use the appropriate method. In the following, we will provide two methods to clean this browser hijacker from your computer. One is the automatic removal method, and the other is the manual removal method. You can choose the method that most fits you. Please follow the removal guide below to get rid of right now!

» Method 1: Automatically remove the browser hijacker with SpyHunter (Recommended)

» Method 2: Manually remove the browser hijacker by taking the following steps (Not for Novice Users)

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