Wednesday, March 15, 2017

What is ‘Membership Rewards’ Pop-Ups?

‘Membership Rewards’ Pop-Ups Explanation
‘Membership Rewards’ Pop-Ups appear in your Google Chrome browser may come from untrusted advertisers. The pop-up may be generated on phishing websites that you may open while clicking on sponsored third party links or corrupted advertisements that are infected with an adware threat. Moreover, the system users who are interested in receiving gifts or rewards promised by ‘Membership Rewards’ should know that the gifts or prizes are completely fake and used as bait. However, users will not receive a free Apple iMac, Amazon Gift Card or iPhone 7 which is shown in ‘Membership Rewards’ Pop-Ups because you opened a dubious website which shows bogus pop-ups.

The pop-ups may appear on your Chrome browser when you click on the advertising banners and annoying adverts. The websites that are used to host such type of fake pop-ups flagged by anti-virus vendors as a phishing domains and it should not be trusted at all. Furthermore, the RMV security expert team have seen a campaign using ‘Membership Rewards’ Pop-Ups has been originated from the IP address.

Iriitating Issues Caused by ‘Membership Rewards’ Pop-Ups
Whenever the ‘Membership Rewards’ Pop-Ups appears, the infected web browsers may freezes and allow the interaction with tab you are on. Potentially unwanted program which runs as an extension or add-on for Chrome, Opera, IE and Firefox may be used to reroute PC users to the websites associated with ‘Membership Rewards’ notification. In this way, system users are prevented from closing the Internet browser and cannot check the legitimacy of the notification appear on their computer screen by navigating to the Google and other search engines. In this pop-up, users are presented with OK button to claim the prize. However, the OK button reveals a white page which features Windows operating system logo and a short message. According to the displayed message, users are suggested to follow the instructions:

Membership Rewards Pop-Ups

As mentioned in above para, the gifts and rewards promised by ‘Membership Rewards’ Pop-Ups are not legitimate and real. System users are lead to a web page where they're welcomed to input their contact information and also confirm their identity by using their credit card number and phone number. Needless to say, if you follow the instructions suggested by this pop-up, you might be subscribed to the premium phone services for an indefinite time period and allows untrusted advertisers to access your personal information such as your address and post box number. Therefore, it is not a good idea to interact with such phishing web pages which hosts the malicious or annoying content related to these pop-ups. You should use a reputable anti-spyware scanner to delete ‘Membership Rewards’ Pop-Ups completely from your system. Anti-virus vendors reported the programs which is associated with these pop-up as:


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